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  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez4 ore fa

    great video! i just put a turbo on my golf with a 07k 5 cylinder. thing has so much torque.

  • 730i 730i
    730i 730i4 ore fa

    Original Sport Quattro or replica ?

  • Leo
    Leo4 ore fa

    De enige echte mooie bmw!

  • studio calderini
    studio calderini4 ore fa

    Originale, veloce e sicura.

  • rassta baboul
    rassta baboul4 ore fa

    Hard to find a more accurate speedo

  • rassta baboul
    rassta baboul4 ore fa


  • AutoTopNL
    AutoTopNL4 ore fa

    GET Dragy 10Hz GPS at our store: ✅ ✅ Superior accuracy ✅ works anywhere with any vehicle ✅ no 3G/4G needed

  • J Beuwulf
    J Beuwulf4 ore fa

    damn, the starting sounds are like starting a world war 2 plane

  • Clepco Tletah
    Clepco Tletah4 ore fa

    Clio is faster and more reliable

  • sebseb seb
    sebseb seb4 ore fa

    You need buttons you can feel with your fingers so you don't take your eyes off the road.

  • Astral Force
    Astral Force4 ore fa


  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa4 ore fa


  • Damien Balzac
    Damien Balzac4 ore fa

    En un mot comme en ... 3 en fait : J'EN VEUX UNE ! :-)

  • K. S. L.#JDM
    K. S. L.#JDM4 ore fa


  • metalixx666
    metalixx6664 ore fa

    Une belle merguez, heureusement qu’elle tient bien la route et qu’elle va vite dans les virages 😂😂😂

  • J67
    J674 ore fa

    Can you get a manual 2021 m3 in England?

  • Ellypsis
    Ellypsis4 ore fa

    Great little Peugeot, sad they dont make these kind of cars anymore...

  • Tony Gun
    Tony Gun4 ore fa

    Nsx , Rx 7 ,skyline 32 . Gran turismo in real life . Devil"s say's , what you want ? My answer > i Want to be AutoTopNL driver ))))

  • 1985whitelamborghinicountach
    1985whitelamborghinicountach4 ore fa

    C8 Laviolette >>>>>> B6 Venator

  • daniel zzzet
    daniel zzzet4 ore fa

    Not bad up to 100kmh, 100-200kmh and higher very slowly...

  • future something
    future something4 ore fa

    Imagine audi running at 340km/h and seeing a honda civic with a laptop passing😂

  • Ibrahim Oroc
    Ibrahim Oroc5 ore fa

    Drive golf 3 vr6 please

  • Andrey Shevchuk
    Andrey Shevchuk5 ore fa

    Толку газовать . Нечем!

  • FunkRaum
    FunkRaum5 ore fa

    vtec stroker gotta love it.

  • GOP Spokesperson
    GOP Spokesperson5 ore fa

    They didnt change anything on the car itself compared to the regular 206. Bit dangerous to then slap in a much bigger engine. Dont ever mistake this for a fast car when you attempt to chuck it into a corner.

  • Octanin
    Octanin4 ore fa

    WTF you saying

  • Mil
    Mil5 ore fa

    is this genuinely a great car? im thinking about buying it cus of its price, but I've always had the feeling that french cars are crap as fuck

  • Octanin
    Octanin4 ore fa

    This is one of the greatets warm hatches you can find if you want a driver oriented car

  • GOP Spokesperson
    GOP Spokesperson5 ore fa

    Nah, get an older honda civic or accord. Better suspension setup and reliability.

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva5 ore fa

    I will get this car, no doubt.

  • Rock_spideR
    Rock_spideR5 ore fa

    Not that fast but I bet it has more soul than 90% of modern german super sedans

    I AM YOUR BROTHER5 ore fa

    nice INFERNUS

  • Tochukwu Ezinwa
    Tochukwu Ezinwa5 ore fa

    The look never aged 🌿🌿

  • Panji 77
    Panji 775 ore fa

    one of last proper hothatch

  • Marius_F
    Marius_F5 ore fa

    Infernus car from gta san andreas!

  • Mr.Random97
    Mr.Random975 ore fa

    Need for speed underground 1st car 🤣

  • Narakumo
    Narakumo5 ore fa

    After driving so many 4 cylinder cars.. they're starting to sound a bit vacuum clean-y, in my opinion. 😭

  • XiXi
    XiXi5 ore fa

    Keep safe on all ur tests.

  • Agathe Catania
    Agathe Catania5 ore fa

    Why you didn’t include the flyover? :(

  • NismoZ
    NismoZ5 ore fa

    Type r ep3 100x better

  • GOP Spokesperson
    GOP Spokesperson5 ore fa

    Definitely, by a country mile

  • sedy
    sedy5 ore fa

    Germans cars are very good . Respect!

  • Dave E
    Dave E5 ore fa

    Used to have one of these bad boys 😎.. the UK GTi 180 model

  • atly dnz
    atly dnz5 ore fa

    Totally trash car !

  • Leff_B
    Leff_B5 ore fa

    mine goes about 230kmh topspeed

  • arif crm
    arif crm5 ore fa

    2:42 nice

  • KDen ShowEm
    KDen ShowEm5 ore fa

    2:57 I need this in my life 😩😍 Unfortunetly we don't get the S in Canada but hopefully it's not too noticeable (unlikely... the Torque on the S is so much better... 😪)

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios5 ore fa

    omg.. I've never seen more precise speedo...its the same as the gps... 👌👌

  • Lodovico Manildo
    Lodovico Manildo5 ore fa

    What's the app you use to get 100-200 time?

  • Icantcomeupwithaname
    Icantcomeupwithaname5 ore fa

    Holy shit you overtook a bmw

  • Daness74 W.
    Daness74 W.5 ore fa

    The look is realy great,the idea to, but not finished enough to count - unfortunately .... Anyway special x nice to watch!!! 👍🤞🍀☮✌

  • Aleksey
    Aleksey5 ore fa

    Ну и нахрен такая мощность на моноприводе ? он и половину ее реализовать не может на старте!

  • 4ddy23
    4ddy235 ore fa

    that rev limiter is so nice to hear

  • S. K.
    S. K.5 ore fa

    Nissan Primera GT P10 or Nissan NX2000 GTi

  • qllmir
    qllmir6 ore fa

    Best JDM ever made! 😍

  • Stiglitz Keller
    Stiglitz Keller6 ore fa

    Over -revving and not perfect shifting like you should haha

  • stuart ellis
    stuart ellis6 ore fa

    I loved my Mazda 3 MPS that was stock, I still think its one of the best looking hatchbacks straight from the showroom. However even with 260bhp the torque steer on some road surfaces was "fun". This thing must be horrifying in certain circumstances, not for the faint hearted.

  • aslight2
    aslight26 ore fa

    Almost half tank of fuel gone in 15 mins

  • Khettabi Yasser
    Khettabi Yasser6 ore fa

    Wow ❤❤

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff6 ore fa

    I had a Peugeot 307 with same engine. Back in 2005 it felt fast

  • doromate
    doromate6 ore fa

    well it's not that fast for a small car that tries to be a hothatch lol

    A.J KILLER6 ore fa

    Bro pleaaaase review peugeot 405 t16

  • MidnightRacerBR
    MidnightRacerBR6 ore fa

    Love this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇲🇫🇧🇷🔝🔝🔝👍🏻

  • Greymark
    Greymark6 ore fa

    Ferrari unreliable, surely not. 😄

  • Thomas Nielsen
    Thomas Nielsen6 ore fa

    I had a 206 RC for almost 3 years i could drive it for 1 or 2 days a week the rest of the time it was broken down 100% a SHIT CAR!!!

  • Oscar Dominguez
    Oscar Dominguez5 ore fa

    Same here

  • Riichi97
    Riichi975 ore fa


  • IJ V
    IJ V6 ore fa

    lol going for a remap and blowing up your turbo 10 minutes later because of it. They better paid for everything for you

  • Martin Afghahi
    Martin Afghahi6 ore fa

    Your voice is iconic 😅

  • Anubis Anubis
    Anubis Anubis6 ore fa

    We have to thxs that blondie girl 🤫

  • Greymark
    Greymark6 ore fa

    Coming from an owner of a FK8, this is an awesome car. That Supercharger is just music to my ears.

  • Michael Michaels
    Michael Michaels6 ore fa

    Engine noise is a bit underwhelming... I was expecting a bit more grunt!

  • 1994 Toyota Camry
    1994 Toyota Camry6 ore fa

    It has the stock exhaust so not much of a suprise.

    RC RACING TWENTE6 ore fa

    He is scared lol

  • Mika Tähtinen
    Mika Tähtinen6 ore fa

    No AC? Pass..

  • Michael Michaels
    Michael Michaels6 ore fa

    So which one is more fun to drive? This or the Clio RS from the same generation?

  • Elias Aggeli
    Elias Aggeli6 ore fa

    Do one with celica 1994-95

  • civic mb6
    civic mb66 ore fa

    She is rinsed

  • Alexandar
    Alexandar6 ore fa

    Get us a 207 S2000 pls 😭

  • civic mb6
    civic mb66 ore fa

    Elle a perdu du jus en vue des temps

  • shinezew
    shinezew6 ore fa

    you should change the title to 1.8 TSI, not 1.8T

  • Officerd00fy
    Officerd00fy6 ore fa

    I had one of these when I was 19 ! Not as good as the Ep3 type R to drive but i still enjoyed it, pretty car too

  • zieloniuuchny
    zieloniuuchny6 ore fa

    miałem okazje tym jeździć. niesamowity i pełen wrażeń hothatch, popierdołka w sam raz na jeżdzenie

  • Daness74 W.
    Daness74 W.6 ore fa

    Didn't expect such a special great car behind a Acura - didn't knew much about so far til yet ( unfortunately ) .... So I'm surprised and impressed the same time!! Makes me wanna see more about it! For 1998 = twice impressing and close to insane for a factory car ! Wow, incredible Job Honda - dont know a car out from 98 which is still so up to date in everything, like these.. !!! 👏👏👏💘🥳🏁👍🤞🍀☮💋 ps: and that sound, so delicious + unique = stunning thang, thx for showing me xxx 👌🏆

  • Stephen300o
    Stephen300o6 ore fa

    That alloy key was an option, the mesh is just to show the engine ala Ferrari. It's Acura because 'americans'. Try a standard one, as the boost whine and exhaust, mask the gorgeous intake sound of the engine at 8k rpm. I had a 1992 manual NSX for ten years.