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  • Edd Starr
    Edd Starr3 ore fa

    The Aston Martin DBX looks like a 21st century design, time and talent were lavished on its appearance. Unlike the Cullinan, a box on wheels with all the design flair of a delivery van. All high-end vehicles should at least appear either elegant or sporting. The DBX manages to do both with interior details to delight owners that the money actually went somewhere. Excellent review, love the autobahn runs! 👍

    LSG GSL3 ore fa


  • Mason
    Mason3 ore fa

    9:18 damnnnn

  • Daness74 W.
    Daness74 W.3 ore fa

    E63 = no text necessary 🤘👏🏅👍👍🏁🥰 ( o.m.g ....) PS: scary that Sound needs an FSK 🎼🎧

  • Daness74 W.
    Daness74 W.3 ore fa

    I do like the new (old) speech of the Grill more and more,the more I see him/it ( damn english o'mine ..😬 ) - maybe the next time it will Turn into 💘?!?!? 🏁🤞🍀😘

  • Daness74 W.
    Daness74 W.4 ore fa

    Best wishes to Aston Martin , a realy lovely and cool Brand - a sad story if they would disapear from the automobile "special" market .... A legendary well aged Brand = big lost = please save it dear god of all the vehicles - or lend me the cash to buy one !!! ☝️🙌🤘💘🏁☮️🍀

  • noobwow2009
    noobwow20094 ore fa

    Too bad ford don't sell this in USA...I would buy this over civic hatchback

  • Ty Mccoy
    Ty Mccoy4 ore fa


  • Pablo Albuquerque
    Pablo Albuquerque4 ore fa


  • Andrew Beamish
    Andrew Beamish4 ore fa

    Thnx for such a great review - I ordered my m50i (Arctic Grey) with BW stereo upgrade, carbon interior trim, (boring) black leather, sunroof, 742's 22"wheels plus a couple packs and additional bits and it was an easy decision after this superbly detailed review. Thnx guys!

  • pearce fennell
    pearce fennell4 ore fa

    Beautiful 💙

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder4 ore fa

    I love german highway’s

  • Kresimir Milisa
    Kresimir Milisa4 ore fa

    very nice suv from aston martin.

  • steve carro
    steve carro4 ore fa

    animal that kid 💯💪

  • Eric x
    Eric x4 ore fa

    I legit thought this is a Ford Focus/Escape when I glimpsed the front end of the car in the thumbnail lol

  • Gennadiy Usichenko
    Gennadiy Usichenko4 ore fa

    Лошара первый раз в бумере...бу га га.

  • lilbok6
    lilbok64 ore fa

    Nothing but pleasure in this video 🤩

  • skinny pens
    skinny pens4 ore fa

    Omg the backwards view 😍

  • Cpt RS
    Cpt RS4 ore fa

    For lazy ppl: wiper failure at 22:00

  • WizHunt _
    WizHunt _5 ore fa

    People, stop crying about the small engine, Peugeot isn't made to be a supercar company. They make cheap to drive and affordable cars

  • FP Rec
    FP Rec5 ore fa

    Que rua apertada nuu


    Dream suv

  • jota
    jota5 ore fa

    epico hermano

  • Kerleem
    Kerleem5 ore fa


  • Vera Drummond
    Vera Drummond5 ore fa

    The exterior is just not that exotic and beautiful. Nothing like a Lambo or even their 458. It's too bad because the performance seems superb.

  • Daniel Bro
    Daniel Bro5 ore fa

    An automatic would be better for him🤬😡 so he doesnt destroy the car. In the brackets of the video title should say (no driving/shifting knowledge, just destroy everything it gets under his feet)

  • KennethLarsson
    KennethLarsson5 ore fa

    That fucking popcorn fart sound everytime he lifts of the throttle ruins the car and video for me, my friends mom had an Opel Astra and we fitted it with a fart can 3 days after he got a drivers license, I was still to you to drive but I can remember how lame I thought it was. Now 14 years later its even worse

    NOTLIA GAMES5 ore fa

    this car is a little monster

  • Loko 448
    Loko 4486 ore fa

    I think I need to throw up 😮‍💨🤒

  • Rob G
    Rob G6 ore fa

    No keen on the steering wheel

  • Alexandre De Greef
    Alexandre De Greef6 ore fa

    Sounds nice? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • KazumaTatsuki
    KazumaTatsuki6 ore fa

    I bet this was used in track

  • Zeid Sonbola
    Zeid Sonbola6 ore fa

    This car has an orchestra instead of an engine

  • Barry Ching
    Barry Ching6 ore fa

    Your GoPro images deformed the car and make me dizzy when you moves 😵‍💫

  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven6 ore fa

    Great car, dangerous driver.

  • Bekir Gençalioğlu
    Bekir Gençalioğlu6 ore fa


  • วิน วิน 357
    วิน วิน 3576 ore fa

    Audi RSQ8 number one 😎😎🤠🤠 😂😂😆😁😆😁😊😊

  • Thumblebumbs
    Thumblebumbs6 ore fa

    I have nothing with Ford at all, but this one actually looks awesome!

  • 좀비
    좀비6 ore fa

    계기판 이쁘다

  • 좀비
    좀비6 ore fa

    클래식 계기판이 꿀

  • Elias N
    Elias N6 ore fa

    Please try to get a LaFerrari

  • A 23
    A 236 ore fa

    Monstrum .

  • Vittorio La Vigna
    Vittorio La Vigna6 ore fa

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio is better!

  • Kandi Man
    Kandi Man7 ore fa

    "There are no horses around ..." except for the 630 under the hood

  • Vittorio La Vigna
    Vittorio La Vigna7 ore fa

    I think that on ITwindow is not possible to share porn videos!

  • 3795 Mpower
    3795 Mpower7 ore fa

    Bonnet release is on the Right as it's an English car I guess

  • xen91
    xen917 ore fa

    Do a 335d e92 pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Heine Pedersen
    Heine Pedersen7 ore fa

    The engine.. The engine.. Just amazing. Can't wait for reviews of the new 812 Competizione

  • Anel Kadić
    Anel Kadić7 ore fa

    Forza Ferrari

  • Pontius Pilates
    Pontius Pilates7 ore fa

    Drives an Aston Martin and can't afford new trousers 😂

  • world star
    world star7 ore fa


  • Jazween A
    Jazween A7 ore fa

    Very breathtaking futuristic sound btw

  • Commander Alpha
    Commander Alpha7 ore fa

    Does the competizione aperta have the removable roof or it just stays topless???

  • porscheboxster77
    porscheboxster777 ore fa

    Video was too short unfortunately !

  • Butter001
    Butter0017 ore fa

    Don’t know about you guys but I’m going with this instead of an urus

  • Marcus K
    Marcus K7 ore fa

    At high speed 2 hands on the steering wheel please 😉

  • Pummelhamster XD
    Pummelhamster XD7 ore fa


  • Daniel Šajgalík
    Daniel Šajgalík7 ore fa

    What a night. Thank you for sharing the experience.

  • quentin haas
    quentin haas7 ore fa

    i want



  • Wacky
    Wacky7 ore fa

    340kph is 211 mph wow and car was relaxed even hitting over 300 with no mods imagine this with stage 1 or 2 god help us all machine out of this world 🌍

    DAN NNY7 ore fa

    Interior is stunning

  • George Smyrlis
    George Smyrlis7 ore fa

    1.4 Tjet swap the world!

  • Chinu Vang
    Chinu Vang7 ore fa

    Your camera angle makes it look so cute and small!!!!! Ugh ima make mine like that!

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer7 ore fa

    I’m so glad he passed the stupid Tesla in the end. I just couldn’t stand seeing it in the review mirror. On my tombstone it shall say: „He lived life to the fullest and has never been passed by an electric vehicle.“ Or simply: „He has never been passed.“ Period.

  • Frank Censored
    Frank Censored7 ore fa

    At first glance I saw a Ford Mondeo...... 🤪

  • MrPeperoni79
    MrPeperoni797 ore fa

    Lol it runs out of gears & revs otherwise it would easily do 400 or something.

  • Said Nabi
    Said Nabi8 ore fa

    C pas des lols

  • Dairai taderera
    Dairai taderera8 ore fa

    Now that's a beast😎

    ERTZZTRE8 ore fa

    What is the problem with going over 200 km/h?

  • sgtMerto
    sgtMerto5 ore fa

    some other pov youtber did some crazy stuff at high speed so AM said 200 is limit

  • Janice Yolanda Mbhele
    Janice Yolanda Mbhele8 ore fa

    Music to my ears.

  • vallentino vallentinofernando
    vallentino vallentinofernando8 ore fa

    Like a sounds f1

  • Jo91
    Jo918 ore fa

    Per farle fare i 240 kmh servono tutti quei CV ?

  • Piotr Hazymut
    Piotr Hazymut8 ore fa

    It's sound's so sweeeeeeet🙆🙆🙆

  • Piotr Hazymut
    Piotr Hazymut8 ore fa

    .... How toll you are... 2 and a half meter ???