300HP Hyundai i30 N REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

300HP Hyundai i30 N REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL
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UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. We're not interested in eco \u0026 green (unless it's like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo's is what we want to hear! We review all sorts of performance cars. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0-100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans. We have it all!

DE: Wir nehmen alle möglichen leistungsstarken Autos unter ein Lupe. In den verschiedenen Playlists könnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genießen, Beschleunigungstests (0-100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos. Exotische Autos, sportliche Kompaktwagen und kraftvolle Limousinen. Wir haben sie alle!

FR: A travers les différentes playlists, vous pourrez apprécier des bruits d’échappements, des tests d’accélérations (0- 100, 0-200), des caméras embarquées ainsi que le son à l’accélération des voitures. Des voitures de rallyes aux berlines surpuissantes en passant par des bolides hors-norme...nous avons tout ce qu’il vous faut !

PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy
przyspieszenia (0-100, 0-200) z launch control, kamerami wewnątrz kabiny i wibrującym dźwiękiem każdego
samochodu. Egzotyczne auta, hothatch, sportowe sedany - znajdziesz je wszystkie tutaj!

IT: Auto-Top è una società che si occupa di riprese e test drive. Non siamo interessati a macchine che consumano o inquinano poco (a meno che non siamo veramente veloci). Noi vogliamo sentire scarichi che urlano e turbo che soffiano!! Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto sportiva. Nelle nostre playlist troverai sound di scarichi, riprese onboard, test di accelerazione con launch control (0-100, 0-200) e il suono unico e riconoscibile di ogni auto. Supersportive, hothatches e berline cavallate.. Proviamo di tutto!!

ES: Auto-Top es una empresa de pruebas y grabación de coches sincera. No estamos interesados en la ecología. Tubos de escape rugiendo y motores echando humo, es todo lo que nos interesa oir! Hacemos reviews de todo tipo de coches. En las listas de reproducción podéis encontrar desde sonidos del ultramundo hasta tests de aceleración (0-100, 0-200), cámaras a bordo de los coches, hasta el sonido de aceleración de cada coche. Coches exóticos, coches compactos, deportivos. Lo tenemos todo!


  • Abel Castillo
    Abel Castillo14 ore fa

    I hope they bring the I30 N to America

  • eltate
    eltate3 giorni fa

    500Nm on a FWD....

  • Jann Funk
    Jann Funk4 giorni fa

    Hyundai hp ist ganz andere hp 3 mahl weinninger

  • Jann Funk
    Jann Funk4 giorni fa

    Hyundai ist so wie soo schrott dan lieber wartburg

  • Jann Funk
    Jann Funk4 giorni fa

    300HP Hyundai ps ist gleich wie golf 2 gti 140 ps

  • a m
    a m4 giorni fa

    26272847291 times better than a golf GTI/R VW are for boring people

  • OleBiermann
    OleBiermann4 giorni fa

    as much as i love the i30N but i think the space was not the problem with the stock car, i doubt it will ever reach 250 sadly

  • Razor HK
    Razor HK5 giorni fa

    wanna get the 2021 version of i30N

  • Mar
    Mar5 giorni fa

    12:20 you shoud read the manual and switch to custom mode ;)

  • DJ Kim
    DJ Kim9 giorni fa

    한국에 안파는한국차

  • MCfirrg
    MCfirrg9 giorni fa

    My dream car!!

    ARIS KART11 giorni fa


  • Elios0000
    Elios000011 giorni fa

    its a crime they wont bring the i30N to the US market they stuck us with there crossover which eeeh why....

  • Nordlicht
    Nordlicht11 giorni fa

    I assume that is some tune where the map goes very conservative on top end and Fokus only on torque midrange?

  • Zeproo
    Zeproo12 giorni fa

    Where is that cool license plate from, red on white georgeous

    JOSÉ LUIS PIELAGO12 giorni fa

    he dit honda

  • 58solo Mon
    58solo Mon12 giorni fa

    Why the small lights is flikkering below tha headlight....is it style or camera refresh rate?

  • hooni
    hooni12 giorni fa

    Great Car Great Drive ;)

  • Airsoft Hobo
    Airsoft Hobo13 giorni fa

    Haha tijdje terug jou kenteken op de weg gezien👍

  • psy GangmanStyle
    psy GangmanStyle13 giorni fa

    Tow strap is echt mooi!!

  • Lethal__
    Lethal__14 giorni fa

    What's the brand for the spoiler extension?

  • andre iro
    andre iro14 giorni fa

    How could you go around with that sticker on the rear, just too lowlife

  • 徳野直
    徳野直14 giorni fa

    it's good for you, but looking so Dumb.

  • Kyweo


    11 giorni fa

    Because You are Japanese ww

  • TumTum
    TumTum15 giorni fa

    I like the interior upgrade!

  • J
    J15 giorni fa

    Awesome car

  • 승군
    승군15 giorni fa

    드디어 한국 차 달리네.. 문재앙은 국가보안 법 폐지해서 나라를 공산당에 바치려는데 현대는 치고 나가네.

  • farhan ruslan
    farhan ruslan16 giorni fa

    Myvi ? Lmao

  • Rayber_ريبر
    Rayber_ريبر16 giorni fa

    Tell me wat is it Awd Or Fwd Or Rwd

  • 강동원
    강동원17 giorni fa

    반응 개 좋은디?

  • Steven C. K.
    Steven C. K.17 giorni fa

    einzig gute an den Dinger is der Sound

  • Urban Schumacher
    Urban Schumacher17 giorni fa

    Why dont you do youre tests in the Netherlands?

  • IM26C4U
    IM26C4U18 giorni fa

    I've always liked this I30N. I want one 😁

  • Legion 187
    Legion 18718 giorni fa

    What a hatchback!!!

  • Schwefe
    Schwefe18 giorni fa

    is it mph or kmh?? ddddd

  • lasnik
    lasnik18 giorni fa

    Der Sprit Verbrauch bei den Koreaner ist mir zu hoch gewesen. Habe mir dann doch ein 335i gekauft.

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham18 giorni fa

    Why old e36 m3 is faster. Less torgue, less power, more powerloss (rwd vs fwd)🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Ángel Fernandez
    Ángel Fernandez18 giorni fa

    Con el suelo mojado, veo una salvajada poner un coche a 240km/h (con el suelo seco también lo es, pero al menos "más seguro"). Recuerda que alrededor tuyo circulan familias, seguiré viendo tus vídeos pero no eran las circunstancias óptimas para ello... Un saludo.

  • Sly Marbo
    Sly Marbo18 giorni fa


  • Ivan M
    Ivan M18 giorni fa

    Shit cross VW Focus Toyota and shit in between…

  • Himyz
    Himyz18 giorni fa

    Ugly fastback? No I don't think soo....

  • 김재훈
    김재훈18 giorni fa

    가슴이 웅장해진다

  • Phoenix Lounge
    Phoenix Lounge18 giorni fa

    Imagine AWD version of this, or rear wheel... my god

  • NikobsuperGaming PL

    NikobsuperGaming PL

    9 giorni fa

    @Fataldiarrhea ik noe

  • Fataldiarrhea


    9 giorni fa

    @NikobsuperGaming PL Fwd

  • NikobsuperGaming PL

    NikobsuperGaming PL

    17 giorni fa

    It isnt awd? I thought it was awd not fwd.

  • Ol'Smokey
    Ol'Smokey19 giorni fa

    cheap junk

  • Robert Blanchard
    Robert Blanchard19 giorni fa

    I'll take your word max over anyone else in the industry

  • Godzilla 73
    Godzilla 7319 giorni fa

    Ok. Whats better, Veloster N or i30N? They look so similar.

  • Omolemo Phaoe
    Omolemo Phaoe19 giorni fa

    i30n it is ;)

  • Harmeet Singh Ramela
    Harmeet Singh Ramela19 giorni fa

    i wish i can give you a car to try it out but i live in new zealand. i have a 2009 toyota wish pretty cool car. its smooth too and its engine is amazing too. its 16 valve

  • JP Brewer
    JP Brewer19 giorni fa

    Yea the baby blue is really nice. Just a great all around car!

  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin19 giorni fa

    Those Elantra N's sure look nice. But I don't need that giant boot or the extra door so I'm glad I got the Veloster N... ;)

  • Denny Wingenbach
    Denny Wingenbach19 giorni fa

    6th gear makes 6kmh

  • Colin
    Colin19 giorni fa

    10:05 talking about torque while the engine is running around 6000 RPM 🤔

  • Stefan B.
    Stefan B.19 giorni fa

    Junge junge junge junge junge junge.......................ach mensch hör auf..............Orginale Endrohre........die sind genauso wie diese Norweger sind deshalb sind die auch nicht in der EU weil die am leben vorbeilaufen.....diese Spinnerbande..... :D

  • M Muco
    M Muco19 giorni fa

    Zou ook leuk zijn als je de kofferbak zou laten zien.

  • savvas ratatsidis
    savvas ratatsidis19 giorni fa

    I love this car 🔝🔝🔝💪💪💪🔥🔥💥

  • george Lizarraga
    george Lizarraga19 giorni fa

    nice car like it...

  • Hattori Hanzo
    Hattori Hanzo19 giorni fa

    такое себе...

  • Shaun Snyman
    Shaun Snyman19 giorni fa

    Gti killer

  • AYAYAYA ayayaya
    AYAYAYA ayayaya19 giorni fa

    ngl this look fun car.not breaking fast.But all the fun.

  • Saiba Fribourg
    Saiba Fribourg19 giorni fa

    Great driver

  • Andreas -
    Andreas -19 giorni fa

    It is very slow > 200 km/h? Golf R ist faster.

  • Mauro Mortier
    Mauro Mortier19 giorni fa

    Now do the ugly i20N!!

  • ksa4ever
    ksa4ever19 giorni fa

    i can't see a single reason to prefer a korean car over an sti, an evo or even a civic r.

  • berkcan güngör
    berkcan güngör19 giorni fa

    rally spirit :))

  • 이승주
    이승주19 giorni fa

    I strongly want this car, but I can't buy it in Korea. Because of the trade union.

  • Jorge SP
    Jorge SP19 giorni fa

    248 thats a lot for a i30 xd

  • Tobi Manx

    Tobi Manx

    13 giorni fa

    not really.. my 2011 i30 with the smallest engine can go 200..

  • Christian müller
    Christian müller19 giorni fa

    Ugly fastback xD

  • Jay Why
    Jay Why19 giorni fa

    I'm always amazed how people will only use the left lane to pass in Europe. Here, there could be 6 cars on the freeway and 4 of them will be driving in the left lane

  • wayne kang
    wayne kang19 giorni fa

    12:30 u need to change the drive mode, custom so that u can feel any individual setting

  • Kay Hyde
    Kay Hyde19 giorni fa

    Nice Car .

  • 머선129
    머선12919 giorni fa

    이제 한국인들이 오겠지

  • JUN


    8 giorni fa


  • 머선129


    19 giorni fa

    @양현진 진짜 왔네......

  • 양현진


    19 giorni fa


  • D. N.
    D. N.19 giorni fa

    This camera sucks, it looks like through a fish eye. He can't afford a 100$ camera at least?

  • J: Sobev
    J: Sobev19 giorni fa

    cool car i know this car from WRC i20😍really nice look

  • En Usko
    En Usko19 giorni fa

    pretty ricy

  • Subhashish Behera
    Subhashish Behera19 giorni fa

    Is it coming to india 🤔🤔

  • Cleric Beast

    Cleric Beast

    18 giorni fa

    Is there a market for cars like this in India?

  • 야옹킹
    야옹킹19 giorni fa

    이거 좋은차임? 이걸 왜탐 ??

  • qrate ㄠ
    qrate ㄠ19 giorni fa

    7:31 bro, dont insult the fastback like that man… looks way better than the hot hatch imo

  • drasx1337


    14 giorni fa

    Well, opinions. I agree w him.

  • Overdrive Music
    Overdrive Music19 giorni fa

    Love my Fastback version!

  • Victrix86


    9 giorni fa

    Me too :)

  • Vripos
    Vripos19 giorni fa

    You must be at n custom to change

  • Daniel Reichenbecher
    Daniel Reichenbecher19 giorni fa

    12:20 how about u go in custom mode? U are changing the options for the custom Mode but u were still in N Mode. I drove 267kmh with my "ugly" Fastback ;)

  • Lukas Schweizer

    Lukas Schweizer

    15 giorni fa

    I got 272 kmh with my stock fastback

  • Dom


    16 giorni fa

    So 250 - 255 actual speed

  • App Delgado

    App Delgado

    18 giorni fa

    267 Woow

  • Freddie Griggs
    Freddie Griggs19 giorni fa

    That plate must be worth more than the car

  • john akoijam
    john akoijam19 giorni fa

    Can you please do hyundai i20 N top speed

  • smoker
    smoker19 giorni fa


  • Artur Macedo
    Artur Macedo19 giorni fa

    i could only tell that they were different people by the different phrasing and words they use to express themselves. Thats mental how similar these dudes are.

  • IJ V
    IJ V19 giorni fa

    why the cringy keycoard under the headlights as if you are race car

  • Malizo Khumalo
    Malizo Khumalo19 giorni fa

    I wouldn't dare put such a registration on it I know its fast as heck but what if I encounter an M8 or Ferrari and it would be like "yeah right kiddo".

  • 賴覺人
    賴覺人19 giorni fa

    better than megane rs tho

  • The German
    The German19 giorni fa

    7:30 Thx ... finally there is someone having the same taste

  • 하진욱
    하진욱19 giorni fa

    한국인들은 왜 못사게 해 놨을깡?

  • JUN


    8 giorni fa

    그냥 i30 판매량도 안나오는데 n버전은.. 사실상 가격이 애매했음 i30가

  • 람보페라리


    19 giorni fa

    민주노총 산하의 노조가 해외 생산분은 절대 못들어오게 해서 못가지고 옵니다!!!

  • Fa 'Le
    Fa 'Le19 giorni fa

    Is this Max Lite?

  • MrButtHurt
    MrButtHurt20 giorni fa

    I thought it was Max!

  • Fareez
    Fareez20 giorni fa

    Depan ford belakang myvi

  • 100


    8 giorni fa

    no one cares about malaysia

  • Fareez


    20 giorni fa

    Interior kia

  • AlexJoneswasright
    AlexJoneswasright20 giorni fa

    At least car companies are unleashing their best Engines / Cars before the Apocalypse hahaha!

  • bboarding112
    bboarding11220 giorni fa

    Such a shame about the weather. Fantastic car, I'm considering purchasing one now! :)

  • MotoMario1
    MotoMario120 giorni fa

    15:45 I don't know anyone that paid over 30k for a new one so it would be really odd to hear someone paid 30k for a used one :D

  • Tobi Manx

    Tobi Manx

    13 giorni fa

    @MotoMario1 why not? I wouldnt buy a new car too but I dont understand your point.. I dont want to "pay for the brand" like BMW. Hyundai has better price-performance.

  • JonasVDV


    16 giorni fa

    @MotoMario1 would never buy a new car tho, value drops from the moment you drive off the dealer lot

  • MotoMario1


    16 giorni fa

    @JonasVDV please don't pay so much for a Hyundai

  • JonasVDV


    16 giorni fa

    its 35k for a new one

  • Juaquin Camilla
    Juaquin Camilla20 giorni fa

    Chevrolet corsa?

  • hoodean
    hoodean20 giorni fa

    Hot air intakes

  • Шурик
    Шурик20 giorni fa

    10:21 xaxaxa че сздаи стал морагать фарами что обиделся не смог догнать Хундай хаха

  • Chen陈/少
    Chen陈/少20 giorni fa

    how much is it

  • hossam wahby
    hossam wahby20 giorni fa


  • truxmore
    truxmore20 giorni fa

    gracias por los subtítulos amigo!!!

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