650HP BMW M3 E92 G-Power REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

650HP BMW M3 E92 G-Power REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL
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  • Francesco
    Francesco22 ore fa

    I love the sunroof actually😂

  • Balanzed
    Balanzed3 giorni fa

    The E92 M3 DCT gearbox is actually dual clutch, so that's probably why its so fast.

  • Joseph
    Joseph4 giorni fa

    The E92 M3 Competition has this colour as an option I believe

  • Urban Schumacher
    Urban Schumacher7 giorni fa

    Macht eure kindischen Tests in Holland oder auf einer Rennstrecke!

  • Senior Topolon
    Senior Topolon8 giorni fa


  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl11 giorni fa

    sure, but rwd = wrap around pole, maybe just use as a drifter

  • Adolf Hitler Sieg Heil China CCP is NAZI baby
    Adolf Hitler Sieg Heil China CCP is NAZI baby11 giorni fa

    I'm proud of my Aryan descendant, see hi. Relax just trolling lol

  • Revilla Nevado
    Revilla Nevado12 giorni fa

    How are these cars legal?? Is germany so permissive with car mods??

  • The German
    The German12 giorni fa

    No top speed run? Bummer!

  • Car Spotter Belgium
    Car Spotter Belgium13 giorni fa

    what a beast!

  • Nikolaos Kallios
    Nikolaos Kallios13 giorni fa

    Max am start! Der beste

  • Jonathan Moga
    Jonathan Moga14 giorni fa

    Looks like a civic inside from 1999

  • Rusben Reyes
    Rusben Reyes14 giorni fa

    Beautiful car, I love it

  • Berca Vlad
    Berca Vlad14 giorni fa

    Not always the G82 M4C is the proper upgrade from an F80 M car 😁 Dennis did a great job with this E92 M3 ✌

  • Chkhito
    Chkhito14 giorni fa

    5:42 Look at that 😍

  • Hélder Fernandes
    Hélder Fernandes14 giorni fa

    My dream car 😍 the design, the sound Perfection 👌

  • Ray Gotz
    Ray Gotz15 giorni fa

    Big money build damn

  • TLV Idriss
    TLV Idriss15 giorni fa

    Do you know how many we have to spend for this setup ?

  • Rick Rolled
    Rick Rolled15 giorni fa

    Im kinda confused. Since when can you modify a car that hard in germany. And in europe in general.

  • Kristóf Kákai
    Kristóf Kákai16 giorni fa

    Corvette had no chance anyway

  • Underrated Retard
    Underrated Retard16 giorni fa

    its an automatic ew

  • Hache Quasar
    Hache Quasar16 giorni fa

    What is this noise when decelerating?

  • armando hell
    armando hell16 giorni fa

    Un vero missile. Perfetta se non fosse che nkn è fatta per andare oltre i 200 kmh quindi dopo i 250 diventa davvero troppo pericolosa

  • Jérôme
    Jérôme16 giorni fa

    ridiculous man 🤡

  • David Farrez
    David Farrez16 giorni fa

    Magnificus..! 👍😍

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz16 giorni fa

    have you ever tried putting a gopro by the exhaust? the sound/ view would be cool

  • Glitter fart
    Glitter fart16 giorni fa

    Can u guys do a video about the bmw G20 330e?

  • steve carro
    steve carro17 giorni fa

    phat whip that lad german style heavy boy 💪💯

  • andrew daley
    andrew daley17 giorni fa

    That colour is beautiful. 🇬🇧👍

  • Proba Proba1
    Proba Proba117 giorni fa


  • Proba Proba1
    Proba Proba117 giorni fa

    0:07 are you faking CHICKEN?

  • Fang yuan
    Fang yuan17 giorni fa

    Please let me know when i can buy these hood... with a big vent and carbon Fiber.!!! Thnx

  • Martin Fuckmylastname
    Martin Fuckmylastname17 giorni fa

    Plz try driving e39 m5 1998

  • Martin Fuckmylastname
    Martin Fuckmylastname17 giorni fa

    In serbia we say sigurno s drogom radi

  • Arjun Rai
    Arjun Rai17 giorni fa

    Man, the efforts to make such an art.

  • spudboy1234
    spudboy123417 giorni fa

    The throttle blips on the downshifts sound ferocious

  • Martinesse
    Martinesse17 giorni fa

    why is the wheel shaking like that?

  • vr- 46
    vr- 4617 giorni fa


  • warpspeed
    warpspeed17 giorni fa

    The best looking M3/M4 with the best engine... now supercharged. There is no replacement for (high revving) displacement

  • Christian Andolini
    Christian Andolini17 giorni fa

    This car looks ugly that wing looks sit so as the Hood with that aligment fuck 🤮

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith17 giorni fa

    This is the answer to the chumps who keep saying their 335i is better than an M3 cos it’s more tuneable. Would like to see them stick with this m3.

  • C. Chay
    C. Chay17 giorni fa

    11:20 i hear a chicken sound

  • Ajai
    Ajai17 giorni fa

    Where is g power located.

  • Иван Захаров
    Иван Захаров17 giorni fa

    Try m5 e60 g power)

  • 김민석
    김민석17 giorni fa

    Lemans blue~?

  • Elrod Jenkins
    Elrod Jenkins18 giorni fa

    Sounds great, but to me ESS is worlds better. No downshift issues with them 😃

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack18 giorni fa

    G Power the best 😂

  • sw kang
    sw kang18 giorni fa

    0:08 chicken sound

  • Ben Valdovinos
    Ben Valdovinos18 giorni fa

    Beautiful car , but the hood panel gap on the front is rly bothering me :/

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon18 giorni fa

    When a mod is done right with a bmw

  • Dennis Micheals
    Dennis Micheals18 giorni fa

    That blue is gorgeous and so is your engine bay ..

  • Nevzat Onur
    Nevzat Onur18 giorni fa

    400 kmh speed gauge. Really? c'mon guys don't be exaggerated please. If you're not a better engineer than bmw engineers i think 400kmh is impossible with any m3. İf you think differently, explain it.

  • UnaturalCODM
    UnaturalCODM18 giorni fa

    man if only other countries would operate like german highways love how they know you are going faster then they are and they move out of the way

  • Benjamin Black
    Benjamin Black18 giorni fa

    Everything about this setup is just no, would rather have a NA e92 gts and up the power as much as possible without any forced induction

  • Zafar Muzaad
    Zafar Muzaad18 giorni fa

    i love how other german drivers know whats up and give switch lanes

  • Sparta Creatine
    Sparta Creatine18 giorni fa

    Orange colour look terrible

  • Nanner Puddin
    Nanner Puddin18 giorni fa


  • Malik cissé
    Malik cissé18 giorni fa


  • TikTok Compilations
    TikTok Compilations18 giorni fa

    Me wanting to buy a M3 E92 AutoTopNL: hey wanna watch this

  • Geoffrey Augusto
    Geoffrey Augusto18 giorni fa

    Mine has that same freaking bumper gap. Gah it makes my head explode.

  • Benz-Beemer Jaah
    Benz-Beemer Jaah18 giorni fa

    Th only m3 without the carbon fiber top

  • F F
    F F18 giorni fa

    That is a dream car 🤤🤤🤤

  • Motiv8 M3dia
    Motiv8 M3dia18 giorni fa

    How does one make the go pro pov look so good

  • MyLife'sStory
    MyLife'sStory18 giorni fa

    "[the e92 m3] isn't that expensive anymore" YIKES nice try prices are already going up, good ones start at 40k

  • ll_Sniperkiller _ll

    ll_Sniperkiller _ll

    16 giorni fa

    Here in the Netherlands we can already get them for 12k

  • Antony Shaban
    Antony Shaban18 giorni fa

    Max, you need to start releasing your own merch like car glass stickers Holy moley! by AutoTopNL

  • The Locking Diff
    The Locking Diff18 giorni fa

    I have an E92 M3 that I've kept lovingly clean...but things like this make me question if I should supercharge it. Or buy and restore one to supercharge it.

  • John Doe
    John Doe18 giorni fa

    Corvette no play? Shame on you corvette!

    ALTIN VLOG18 giorni fa

    0:08 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D. V.
    D. V.18 giorni fa

    Heavy this car

  • Al
    Al18 giorni fa

    This is the real fun car. Not that electric BS

  • De Duu
    De Duu18 giorni fa

    Monster !!!!!!

  • Stefan
    Stefan18 giorni fa

    dream car for sure

  • Squalo Pazzo
    Squalo Pazzo18 giorni fa

    Minchia se vola💙🔥💣

  • Daniel Micu
    Daniel Micu18 giorni fa


  • Irina Rubtsova
    Irina Rubtsova18 giorni fa

    perfect car! nice! like! super!

  • Master Puppet
    Master Puppet18 giorni fa

    LMFAO that rattling bonet after startup. My X5 has the same "feature"

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar18 giorni fa

    I thought he was saying Jeep Hour not G-Power

  • Kenneth Wooi Wei Liang
    Kenneth Wooi Wei Liang18 giorni fa

    I get afraid when I watch the E90s & E60s M cars fuel gauge drop by the minute like Jesus

  • MrPartyGamer
    MrPartyGamer18 giorni fa

    I I’m so sad BMW downgraded after this generation of M3.

  • Stiven SVT
    Stiven SVT18 giorni fa

    That BOV is just rubish.If u compare it with an American made Supercharger it’s just a big difference.

  • elmin majetič
    elmin majetič18 giorni fa


  • schnookieshull. Hull
    schnookieshull. Hull18 giorni fa

    I like this car. Only thing the darth vadar noise would have to go and the rear spoiler

  • Adrian J
    Adrian J18 giorni fa


  • Memes mit Deemz
    Memes mit Deemz18 giorni fa

    Darth vader Is in the Front in the Engine 😂😂😂😂

  • VNCXFilms
    VNCXFilms18 giorni fa

    The corvette was like "bruh I was @pedal-to-the-metal, how can a car spawn behind me?" A friend of mine also got a M3 E92 G-Power but with about 680hp as Handshifter, it's so quick and loud with the akrapovic

  • Fadhli Gaba
    Fadhli Gaba18 giorni fa

    Fuck... this car is definitely in my waiting list from you !

  • Mahesh KN
    Mahesh KN18 giorni fa

    It sounds like an ocean sloshing under the bonnet

  • Andy James
    Andy James18 giorni fa

    Is that a Rotrex style supercharger?

  • Jacquees Eglise
    Jacquees Eglise18 giorni fa

    Ich liebe diesen Akzent... ich habe auch das Gefühl wirklich alles sofort zu verstehen...

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa18 giorni fa


    XPERT GAMING 1618 giorni fa

    Guys I want to ask if this car is a supercharge or procharged??

  • dan wal

    dan wal

    18 giorni fa


  • Witold Tosta
    Witold Tosta18 giorni fa

    This is just my observation. But watching your videos (which incidentally I really like), I have an irresistible impression, that every car you test you say is the coolest car that you have ever driven or seen. No offense, please. I'm just only trying to be objective.

  • GBass
    GBass18 giorni fa

    Great video. Which Ohlins dampers were on this E92?

  • Chirode Vlad
    Chirode Vlad18 giorni fa

    I see the new Rimac Nevera .... now 1000hp it's just nothing when I see what can the Nevera BMW seen like 💩 now 😭😭😭

  • Drock_ _isfree
    Drock_ _isfree18 giorni fa

    2 reasons why I like the E92: The body style I was born in 92 😁

  • GBass
    GBass18 giorni fa

    Replace the roof dude!

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence18 giorni fa

    Gorgeous one.

  • Pablo Barrena Guzman
    Pablo Barrena Guzman18 giorni fa

    Sounds like a car with a broken engine, Max...!

  • Agent 008
    Agent 00818 giorni fa

    Hey Auto TopNL can you not run these fucked up advertisements from Democrats ??? they about to destroy the fucking world , WTF you gonna drive when they ban gas??

    ILOVEHIACE3019 giorni fa

    The laugh at the beginning like the squeaking cock, hahahahahaah

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