ALL NEW 2022 BMW iX First Look | Exterior & Interior FEATURES & GADGETS by AutoTopNL

ALL NEW 2022 BMW iX First Look | Exterior \u0026 Interior FEATURES \u0026 GADGETS by AutoTopNL
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  • FH
    FH8 ore fa

    It's beyond the words, I think this is not only the ugliest car, but one of ugliest thing in the world🤮🤮🤮

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney5 giorni fa

    that's the ugliest front i've seen, uglier than the lexus front. who designed this?

  • JD
    JD5 giorni fa

    Looks like bugs bunny ..

  • PatiLabi
    PatiLabi5 giorni fa

    Der Designer gehört endlich gekündigt...

  • Adam Playz 2
    Adam Playz 27 giorni fa


  • LuXoR
    LuXoR9 giorni fa

    That design has to be a joke

  • Satish PatnaiK
    Satish PatnaiK9 giorni fa

    That front grill 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • blue head
    blue head10 giorni fa

    Looks ridiculous.

  • Ertan kılıç
    Ertan kılıç10 giorni fa

    its an ugly car

  • pyrocrewZuiden
    pyrocrewZuiden10 giorni fa

    BMW is just going downhill... holy shit have they fucked up their cars recently

  • nKrandom
    nKrandom11 giorni fa


  • JanT 90
    JanT 9011 giorni fa

    Yeah... I'll wait for face-lift model..

  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce12 giorni fa

    This company won't exist in 20 years

  • Letourbillon77
    Letourbillon7712 giorni fa

    There is not a single good-looking thing about this car. It's as if they held a competition to design the ugliest car on the planet and this was the winning design. Omg BMW, please fire all your designers. They are idiots! Only the Tesla Cybertruck could arguably be more hideous than this...

  • 者听歌
    者听歌12 giorni fa

    Totally rubbish

  • Henkel gezwenkel
    Henkel gezwenkel13 giorni fa

    grote vliegen vanger, wat een lelijke unit

  • Manish Vishnoi
    Manish Vishnoi15 giorni fa

    With 4 wheels and various capacities of ICE , product differentiation was always based on marketing , that will continue . The game remains the same just the rules have changed ,

  • sparkplug964
    sparkplug96415 giorni fa

    That is just poor design.

  • Iker del Palacio
    Iker del Palacio15 giorni fa

    I will never understand why electric has to almost always be synonymous with hideous.

  • Joe camel
    Joe camel15 giorni fa

    Paint has to much swirls…

  • Dimi Besiris
    Dimi Besiris15 giorni fa

    Wtf is that

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones15 giorni fa

    BMW need to sort their grill situation, I refuse to believe someone at BMW thinks this looks acceptable.

  • TheAnonymous One
    TheAnonymous One15 giorni fa

    It's a f'in electric X5. Thanks for pissing off your X6 owners, BMW. Good job.

  • Arvin Ghannad
    Arvin Ghannad15 giorni fa

    How ugly can a car be? Ask BMW

  • EliasG
    EliasG16 giorni fa

    bmw havent made a pretty car since 2008. That car is ugly as hell wtf.

  • Jionkan
    Jionkan16 giorni fa

    If that is the future of bmw I will have to switch to another brand.

  • Jionkan
    Jionkan16 giorni fa

    Utterly ugly. Inside and out.

  • Miky Koon
    Miky Koon16 giorni fa

    Funnily its not the grille thst the problem its the lack of cohesion thats ruining these bmw today . Somehow they are making it into production . There is a lack of appeal i have never felt for BMW . Hope they fix this soon and remember there past glories.

  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov16 giorni fa

    What’s wrong with that shitty steering wheel

  • Frenchie
    Frenchie16 giorni fa

    BMW : Beaver Motoren Werke

  • Kurylenko Olga
    Kurylenko Olga16 giorni fa

    130.000 $ xDRIVE50 uhhh

  • 339 TV
    339 TV16 giorni fa


  • Eii22
    Eii2216 giorni fa

    eew that's ugly asf. I prefer the older generation hands down.

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A16 giorni fa

    I hope there is a M type of IX

  • John S
    John S16 giorni fa

    Almost throw up!

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony17 giorni fa

    It looks good

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony17 giorni fa

    What look at the back light

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony17 giorni fa

    But color is red MAX

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony17 giorni fa


  • K H
    K H17 giorni fa

    Ugliest car ive ever seen.

  • theoldmototoad50
    theoldmototoad5017 giorni fa

    Hope Martijn gets well soon!

  • Lbnewell 23
    Lbnewell 2317 giorni fa

    If only the exterior designers were as talented as the interior designers

  • applepie gamer
    applepie gamer17 giorni fa

    This ain't a car no more like seriously all manufacturers do is throw a big screen in like I would prefer a 2013 interior over this coming from a 16 year old

    GLOUBI GLOUBA17 giorni fa

    Front of the car so horrible Interior of an electric car really no charm at all Zero dream with that car

  • GOP Spokesperson
    GOP Spokesperson17 giorni fa

    With every passing year, cars get uglier. I think it's on purpose.

  • Jaruslav Nguyen
    Jaruslav Nguyen17 giorni fa

    Super ugly...sadly

  • Dead Street
    Dead Street17 giorni fa

    It's hard for me to say anything bad about the car as I currently drive a 2012 punto!!!...

    RED LION17 giorni fa


  • w210source
    w210source17 giorni fa

    They fucking massacred iDrive From Bmw's high point to low point

  • Nico Tang
    Nico Tang17 giorni fa


  • Nicola Orsingher
    Nicola Orsingher17 giorni fa

    I think car manufacturers are forgetting what a car is about to be....

  • Tereza Nováková
    Tereza Nováková17 giorni fa

    Oh god 🤮🤮🤮

  • Marko Landeka
    Marko Landeka17 giorni fa

    Damn it's ugly...

  • kripstoe
    kripstoe17 giorni fa

    Don't mind the stupid stuff. It's entertaining. 🙂 Exterior is awful (apart from maybe the back lights). Interior isn't too bad. Does look like the instrument cluster will fly off and behead you in an accident.

  • Fatih Kılınç
    Fatih Kılınç17 giorni fa

    bmv dırikik vatır

  • Riyazur Rahuman
    Riyazur Rahuman17 giorni fa

    This is a very most ugliest car in the universe

  • Harrison Ford
    Harrison Ford17 giorni fa

    Some one replaced the design team.. And brought new one from Korea..!!!!! Totally ugly.. 🤮🤮🤮

  • StonedNoob
    StonedNoob17 giorni fa

    Who actually approved this fookin design ??? 😂😂

  • 小白貓
    小白貓17 giorni fa


  • r00r1
    r00r117 giorni fa

    Those are not kidney grills, it is a vulva!

  • AlexC
    AlexC17 giorni fa

    absolutely abysmal

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva17 giorni fa

    I think it looks very BMW and very good actually. The front isn't amazing but it's not terrible.

  • GrZeSSss
    GrZeSSss17 giorni fa

    Big Shit

  • B NA
    B NA17 giorni fa

    There is ugly and there is BMW

  • Karl C
    Karl C17 giorni fa

    "Ehhhhh, what's up Doc" 🐰🐇🐰

  • Max
    Max17 giorni fa

    I feel like the iX goes back to the approach on SUVs that was normal back in the days, meaning it looking BIG and not sporty. Honestly I like this development :)

  • GTA V Decoders
    GTA V Decoders17 giorni fa

    Inspired by pigs 🐷 face

  • Lovro Stele
    Lovro Stele17 giorni fa

    Btw you can not open the hood, you can only refill the window cleaning fluid trough bmw logo, which opens. And the front grill is made of some special material which repairs itself if it is strached if exposed to hot air.

  • Stark1ller
    Stark1ller17 giorni fa

    Did BMW hire Homer Simpson to design this car?

  • Destro YT
    Destro YT17 giorni fa

    Plz drive corvette c8

  • wolfy1979747
    wolfy197974717 giorni fa

    The front looks Chinese, and the ass like Lamborghini designed it.

  • Uğur Arslan
    Uğur Arslan17 giorni fa


  • Robert Vlasceanu
    Robert Vlasceanu17 giorni fa

    This kind of presentations with this kind of I think every manufacturer should have their "autotopnl team" to make their car presentations.

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt17 giorni fa

    I am a fan of BMW. Their previous grilles were fine. The 4 series was ok but this is too much. Look at the size of it, it looks like a basking shark's mouth.

  • Herr Christian
    Herr Christian17 giorni fa

    The next Level of BMW

  • FsAviX
    FsAviX17 giorni fa

    The grille isnt the problem, the entire face looks like an x5 that crashed and then melted

  • ascarii25
    ascarii2517 giorni fa

    Looks like shit

  • ascarii25


    17 giorni fa

    @Daniel Daniel12 do have xc90 and this BMW look like your granny ass

  • Daniel Daniel12

    Daniel Daniel12

    17 giorni fa

    yeah, your 2001 vw polo is much more beautiful than this lmao

  • B Tran
    B Tran17 giorni fa

    Damn, was hoping the BBQ grille wasn't going to be future of BMW but it seems it is

  • Tobias K

    Tobias K

    17 giorni fa

    Not quite, the next-next gen BMWs from 2025 onwards will apparently get a flat and very wide kidney that goes over the complete width of the front, with the headlights integrated in it. So just like on a 2002 or so, but not with a small kidney in the middle, but instead all of it is kidney. At least that's what you can see in teasers BMW showed around two weeks ago.

    BMW4EVR17 giorni fa

    Still Looks much bettet than the Mercedes EQC...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • SSJ BLUE 3

    SSJ BLUE 3

    17 giorni fa

    Lol what a joke 🤣

  • iilikecereal
    iilikecereal17 giorni fa

    I see what BMW is trying to do with its design language I didn't say it makes much sense tho

  • ewan 8932
    ewan 893217 giorni fa

    Good job on beating everyone else on this!!

  • Brian B.
    Brian B.17 giorni fa

    Every time that I see BMW's new grille design, I continue to get slightly nauseous...

  • Dennis
    Dennis17 giorni fa

    big time youtube channel couldnt get a camera man to help out

  • AlKu2303
    AlKu230317 giorni fa

    Ugly AF. Inside and outside.

  • Erk Schneider
    Erk Schneider17 giorni fa

    As a new 5 series owner, I think this car looks okay. With the right color and bigger rims, it would make a nice looking SUV. Also the new M3 / M4 are growing on me. Never had a problem with the big grille anyway. The design problems are elsewhere.

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon17 giorni fa

    That ugly grill again 😄

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa17 giorni fa


  • Haris Nasrullah
    Haris Nasrullah17 giorni fa

    The grill man I still can accept the m4 n 3 grill but this one is 😶

  • Anthony Murdoch
    Anthony Murdoch17 giorni fa

    What a POS car.

  • Roberto
    Roberto17 giorni fa


  • Freed Brd
    Freed Brd17 giorni fa

    gay car

  • Elektro Fahrzeug Freund
    Elektro Fahrzeug Freund17 giorni fa

    Very funny max ❤️❤️🤣good video

  • Thomas Ballesteros
    Thomas Ballesteros17 giorni fa

    Probably one of the ugliest cars in 2021, and let's mention the advertising of this car, where BMW insults its own history to promote this useless piece of crap that no one except greenwashed ecolo boys are going to buy

  • ronaldov09
    ronaldov0917 giorni fa

    Argh my eyes!!

  • Monte
    Monte17 giorni fa

    Why cant an electric car just look like a car? Not like this.

  • Love Life
    Love Life17 giorni fa

    The grill is the most ugly thing of the world.

  • ninja ninnin
    ninja ninnin17 giorni fa

    makibao face

  • Çağrı DAŞGIN
    Çağrı DAŞGIN17 giorni fa


  • Bartlomiej Nowak
    Bartlomiej Nowak17 giorni fa

    I hope it’ll grow on me like the 4-series, the front is actually decent on this trim version

  • The Truth
    The Truth17 giorni fa

    I'm gonna puke. Is this the best BMW can do? The company is losing many people's respect.

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