Ferrari 488 GTB REVIEW *330km/h* on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT!] by AutoTopNL

Ferrari 488 GTB REVIEW *330km/h* on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT!] by AutoTopNL


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  • AutoTopNL
    AutoTopNLAnno fa

    Drive it yourself!

  • Stelio


    2 mesi fa

    Did you find this faster than the DBS superlegerra coupe???

  • Enrico Vivi

    Enrico Vivi

    Anno fa

    If you can, can you try the Pagani?

  • black shark

    black shark

    Anno fa

    16:43 no 333Km !!! max speed 336 😍😍😍

  • Zak Zwijn

    Zak Zwijn

    Anno fa

    Question about the missing numberplate: I assume you attach a regular numberplate instead of the company logo before the review or do you drive it like this?

  • Ponygt 662

    Ponygt 662

    Anno fa

    There is a reason why Enzo Ferrari didnt sell itself to Ford, just look at the new stupid V6 Ford GT! There is no comparison , Ford is super inferior to Ferrari

  • 327 chev
    327 chev5 giorni fa

    To all Italians.... give yourselves a pat on the back... 😉

  • Andres Guerin
    Andres Guerin6 giorni fa

    So top speed is same as an e92? Nothing too impressive then.

  • kursed13
    kursed138 giorni fa

    Do you think Ferrari switching it to turbo helps more with it acting like a more docile car under normal city driving and then stepping it up as soon as you need it?

  • hector herbert
    hector herbert14 giorni fa

    When Ferrari built the Twin Turbo V8 engine for the 488 GTB ,they were concerned about the wealthy ENZO customers ,that this brand new car would ridicule the Enzo ,and it did....the glorious V12 did not stand a chance VS this powerful V8 marvel.....they came-up fast with a new more powerful NA/ V12 , the F12 then the 812 Superfast.

  • Tim Endew
    Tim Endew22 giorni fa

    i feel like the 458 has a raw V8 sound compared to this 488, and the 488 is more refined in a way, which is why i like it more :)

  • Jack Ferrari - Raceteam Gameplay
    Jack Ferrari - Raceteam Gameplay26 giorni fa

    Try say less in the next video, your voice is not ugly, but the car stereo is more beautiful to hear... is a tip.

  • RolandAshcroft
    RolandAshcroft27 giorni fa

    16:32 the moment you can't even realize that a tall guy in a short car with a camera strapped to his head passing you at ~333kmh

  • J V
    J VMese fa

    Splurged and rented a 2018 in Vegas for the day, it was a religious experience, one of the best things I’ve ever done! Went out into the desert - I highly recommend it!

  • Chester
    ChesterMese fa

    7:18 I agree that the 488 is utterly beautiful, but getting to that engine to do a repair or maintenance must be a nightmare.

  • Tim's BMW DIY channel
    Tim's BMW DIY channelMese fa

    I want to move to germany just so I can test out my td04 powered E92 and turn the speed limiter off. The autobahn is the hyper cars heaven. Great content I am british racing green with envy.

  • Beast viraj Max
    Beast viraj MaxMese fa

    how to much will you talk shut up

  • Ziggy Freud
    Ziggy FreudMese fa

    new sub - great car I agree but I could only have one so I chose the GT3RS - I agree that the 488 is not intimidating at all :)

  • John
    JohnMese fa

    That ddc logo gony get a cease and desist from dde 😂😂, pretty similar. Cool looking though. Great review 👍👍

  • Ste Carr
    Ste CarrMese fa

    Just casually doing 206mph as you do Max should definitely take a seat on top gear uk 🇬🇧

  • Master Blaster
    Master BlasterMese fa

    How tall are you?

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian SanchezMese fa

    Only drag times says this car is slow

  • DR C
    DR CMese fa

    Great video. So he shd tell us whether this or the 992 handled better at ultra high speeds and what accelerated faster. The 488 looked a little unstable at top speed and he found it harder to sustain this. The 992 Turbo looked far more stable and hit 340km and looked far more settled. Thoughts?

  • DR C

    DR C

    Mese fa

    I agree. Of all the cars he has been in at these ultra high speeds, the 992T seemed about the most stable at top speed. Maybe the traffic was lighter with 992T but he seemed far more comfortable in it about 300. Certainly more so than the 488 (never heard of someone using Ferrari’s bumpy road selector at these speeds 😂) I am really surprised by this. My old 997 jumped around a lot at high speed. I exclude 812 from this; I think he could have taken 812 even faster in better conditions.

  • chan sharon
    chan sharonMese fa

    The toy car b urago

  • chan sharon
    chan sharonMese fa

    I also got this car Ferrari 488 GTB

  • chan sharon

    chan sharon

    Mese fa

    The toy car B urago

  • Ameer Suhail Khan
    Ameer Suhail KhanMese fa

    So nice smothe

  • Scyens009 Mustermann
    Scyens009 Mustermann2 mesi fa

    Nice car

  • eLi_THa_ProPhET
    eLi_THa_ProPhET2 mesi fa

    Am I the only one the noticed the DDE rip-off wrap on the Porsche

  • Bảo Trân Trần Nguyễn
    Bảo Trân Trần Nguyễn2 mesi fa


  • Bảo Trân Trần Nguyễn
    Bảo Trân Trần Nguyễn2 mesi fa

    😍🤔. R-1-2-3-4-5?

  • prometheus
    prometheus2 mesi fa

    fitment of the bonnet is very Italian.

  • HazzaH
    HazzaH2 mesi fa

    He only did 260 on the run because he passed a sign warning of deers.

  • HazzaH
    HazzaH2 mesi fa

    Those roads say 70 km/h (~45 mph). This guy was doing almost twice that speed.

  • Phantom Shark
    Phantom Shark2 mesi fa

    imagine how cool it would be to be in one of those trucks just seeing a ferrari blow past you

  • Truth Seeker54
    Truth Seeker542 mesi fa

    Nice review

  • Urban Schumacher
    Urban Schumacher2 mesi fa

    Macht euren Kinderkram gefälligst auf einer Rennstrecke! So etwas hat auf öffentlichen Straßen nichts zu suchen!

  • Владимир Клюев
    Владимир Клюев2 mesi fa

    Забираю себе эту Ferrari. Спасибо.

  • nasos nasos
    nasos nasos3 mesi fa


  • apdomine
    apdomine3 mesi fa

    I will buy this shit.

  • Dedy Swandy
    Dedy Swandy3 mesi fa

    Mobil Jess cok

  • drippieboy
    drippieboy3 mesi fa

    DDC definately was inspired by the DDE Logo haha

  • Prima Anugrah septian
    Prima Anugrah septian3 mesi fa

    Hai iam subscriber in Indonesia , riviwe conisex ageraer

  • Prima Anugrah septian
    Prima Anugrah septian3 mesi fa

    If do you maxs or by ferarri

  • Victor Fernandez Armayor
    Victor Fernandez Armayor3 mesi fa


  • Mark Arthur
    Mark Arthur3 mesi fa

    What's the retail on one of those?

  • Simone C

    Simone C

    Mese fa

    Google is your friend

  • I Hate Anime
    I Hate Anime3 mesi fa

    If you buy a Ferrari in any color other than red I have no words...

  • turgutjk
    turgutjk3 mesi fa

    the camera angle makes ferrari look shit and makes me sick.

  • 2009Alik
    2009Alik3 mesi fa

    336 km/h

  • K R I S S
    K R I S S3 mesi fa

    16:43 333 km/h 👌💯

  • wealth gainers
    wealth gainers4 mesi fa

    I was starting to sweat when he got to 300kpm geez

  • Paulo Alexandre Ferraro Alexandre
    Paulo Alexandre Ferraro Alexandre4 mesi fa

    👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗 , MY FRIEND .

  • Levent Tuncer
    Levent Tuncer4 mesi fa


  • Rique Lima
    Rique Lima4 mesi fa

    Faz um com a 488 pista 💥❤

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright4 mesi fa

    I think I need one of these.

  • ستار ج واو
    ستار ج واو4 mesi fa

    🇮🇹❤️🇨🇭🇩🇪🇫🇷🇰🇷🇯🇵🇲🇦🇺🇲🇯🇵. 👞👞👞👞👞👞👞👞. 🇩🇿🖕🇩🇿🖕🇩🇿🖕🇩🇿

  • Haikal Ariff
    Haikal Ariff4 mesi fa

    You lol.Many talk

  • TripInPeace Music
    TripInPeace Music4 mesi fa

    indeed impressive how easy it pulls up to 330. i love ferrari....everyone loves ferrari

  • Sopheak Dararith
    Sopheak Dararith4 mesi fa

    i have to

  • Victor Fernandez Armayor
    Victor Fernandez Armayor4 mesi fa

    Love Ferrari 💛💙💜💚💗

  • Beef Dancer
    Beef Dancer4 mesi fa

    Love that comment. MENTAL FAST 😂 😂 😂

  • kiki
    kiki4 mesi fa

    Poor sound

  • ѪѬѦ
    ѪѬѦ4 mesi fa

    U should try to get ur hands on the 2000HP GTR from the episode from day1 it’s insane

  • Emrah Öz
    Emrah Öz4 mesi fa

    is it safe to speed on those foresty roads? deers horses may jump to road? at least cows :) nl right...

  • Dundarave Wine
    Dundarave Wine4 mesi fa

    Less talk please. Much rather hear the car speak for itself!

  • 6300GTxx
    6300GTxx4 mesi fa


  • Shin Han
    Shin Han4 mesi fa

    Adding one more down vote.

  • Φαέθων
    Φαέθων5 mesi fa

    Axel Folie fever car for the Beverly Hills Cop 4 purchase with "flash money" 😁👍

  • Nice Garry
    Nice Garry5 mesi fa

    *Guy rolls up in his supra he bought for 20k and he put 50k of upgrades into* *ferrari leaves chat*

  • Miriam Burgstaller
    Miriam Burgstaller5 mesi fa

    I haven't been able to breathe from time to time bc it just feels so real o.O this is phenomenal

  • Fast Cars
    Fast Cars5 mesi fa

    Magnificent, a true dream !

  • ted smith
    ted smith5 mesi fa

    nice. review, thanks sir

  • Robertas Premium
    Robertas Premium5 mesi fa


  • Guy Webster
    Guy Webster5 mesi fa

    Shes a supermodel bro.. Great review!

  • Jonasz
    Jonasz5 mesi fa

    What a cheap exhaust valves remote

  • Raydaruckus
    Raydaruckus5 mesi fa

    If anyne ever makes a sudden lane shift to the left in one of these vidoes, this guy is sh*t outta luck lol!

  • Kazimir O_o
    Kazimir O_o6 mesi fa

    DDC just stole Daily Driven Exotics logo and got no shame about it lol

    MR. NØBØDY6 mesi fa

    Sir when you review laferrari

  • Ian Polo
    Ian Polo6 mesi fa

    The aerodynamics help here. The wind noise is surprisingly low.

  • felixcool987
    felixcool9876 mesi fa

    Its 336 kmh.

  • Ezequiel
    Ezequiel6 mesi fa


  • V.C.
    V.C.6 mesi fa

    jesus christ, was that ambulance doing 150?

    ZERO FF6 mesi fa


  • Ludovico Fe
    Ludovico Fe6 mesi fa

    Super beautiful and performing car !!! I love it !! SUPER !

  • Palm kingGOD
    Palm kingGOD6 mesi fa


  • Arian Sadri
    Arian Sadri6 mesi fa

    F458's big bro

  • Pedro Moronta
    Pedro Moronta6 mesi fa

    I love this car UFFF Italian Beauty!!

  • ccol009
    ccol0096 mesi fa

    Those seats and the steering wheel are some of my Favorite components to this car. And that Ferrari Red.

  • ccol009
    ccol0096 mesi fa

    “One of the best looking Ferrari’s ever.” You must not have seen the LaFerrari or the LaFerrari FXX K.

  • RT
    RT6 mesi fa

    I´m between this and the Huracan, which do you prefer?

    AYMAN T-N7 mesi fa

    Im sceard lol

  • Mr Cut Folks
    Mr Cut Folks7 mesi fa

    Idk I just don't care for Ferrari, they are to Delicate and break down a lot and the motors are very finicky, constantly need to be tuned. Porsche is the way to go if you want a reliable super car !!

  • Adin Wolk
    Adin Wolk7 mesi fa

    This Car is Amazing!

  • lucathecool
    lucathecool7 mesi fa

    It would be great if we had some outside impressions of your drive on the Autobahn so we can hear the sound of it on high speed or on a flyby

  • Malusi Soko
    Malusi Soko7 mesi fa

    that looked dangerous for a moment

  • Jenderal Sudirman
    Jenderal Sudirman7 mesi fa

    Watching this makes me happy

  • George Bush
    George Bush7 mesi fa

    Does the Autobahn have a speed limit?

  • fab gaz
    fab gaz7 mesi fa

    ejaculated in my pants oh god what a car

  • Pista
    Pista7 mesi fa

    14:15 why are you not stopping at the stop signal?

  • We-Are- All-One
    We-Are- All-One7 mesi fa

    Awesome vid! And bro whoever it was that mixed those clips in the beginning when it’s you reacting to the hot cap is a freaking genius! That editor is worth every dollar. I was cracking up 🤣

  • mariodrv
    mariodrv8 mesi fa

    "Aircraft grade titanium" is bullshit marketing speak for titanium.

  • mariodrv
    mariodrv8 mesi fa

    God what an ugly car.

  • Gracie Esteban
    Gracie Esteban8 mesi fa

    Warcraft what car is that

  • Oxidized YT
    Oxidized YT8 mesi fa

    that emblem from that company is the biggest dde fake omg xD

  • paul justin
    paul justin8 mesi fa

    Oh man what a boring introduction

  • EntenjägerTM
    EntenjägerTM8 mesi fa

    Feeling sad seeing him driving a ferrari.... :( Remember that i got my own one in front of my house. :D No i don´t have a ferrari so keep your hate all by yourself. I just wanted to post a "funny" comment.

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